Visio - Mardi - English speaking SLAA HOW - 18H45



In regards to the current situation nationwide due to the Covid-19, the face to face meeting is closed and is replaced by a ZOOM meeting every Tuesday at 18h45 until further notice.
Please email us for links to the Zoom meeting at:
(Meeting previously held at 10 rue Ste Elizabeth - 75003 Paris)

The Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous H.O.W. Concept has been formed to offer the sex & love addict (who accepts the twelve steps and twelve traditions as a program of recovery) a disciplined and structured approach. The SLAA H.O.W. groups have been formed in the belief that our disease is absolute and therefore only absolute acceptance of the H.O.W. program will offer any sustained sobriety to those of us whose compulsion has reached a critical level. Therefore, the H.O.W. defined bottom-line sobriety; the steps, traditions and tools of recovery are not suggested. Rather, we accept them as requirements for our recovery. We commit ourselves to a black & white sobriety so that we may deal with the grey areas of living. In H.O.W. we’ve found that if we commit to using the Tools of Recovery on a daily basis our disease of sex & love addiction can be arrested one day at a time  


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